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  • 309 in of annual snowfall
  • 1999 total skiable acres
  • Top elevation 13149 ft, base 8723 ft
  • 23% beginner, 36% intermediate, 41% advanced, 2% expert
  • Projected opening: 27/11/2014
  • ProjectedClosing 05/04/2015

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Telluride is one of the few hidden gems left in our society. It is one of the coolest towns anyone could ever dream up. It is tucked into a box canyon which is basically huge mountains on three sides of you jutting up to the sky. Then a little grid of a town with the only town to town gondola in the United States. People use it to get from Mountain Village to the town of Telluride for work, skiing, whatever. Telluride keeps its charm because it is pretty hard to get to for the most part. You fly to Montrose and drive or shuttle about 90 minutes to Telluride. Or the brave few with cash can fly direct to Telluride’s mountain airport 5 minutes to town. The lodging in Telluride can be had for less than most big time resorts. The skiing there is pretty amazing. From chutes to trees to blue runs that go on forever, I really believe it has it all. The snow we received when our group was there one early February may be clouding my thoughts with snowflakes but they usually seem to get their fair share of the southern Colorado storms out their way. Families will love the mountain village and it’s easy ski in and out access to most of the condos there. The ski school begins up there as well. The dining in town and the Mountain Village ranges mid to high end. If there is a knock on Telluride it is that there is not much for cheap eats. The bakery in town definitely qualifies though. If your tastes are higher, I loved Cosmopolitan when I got to eat there. For nightlife, I think this town is really underrated. From festivals year round to dive bars and local live music. It is really a cool place to go out on the town. My family and I usually take a yearly trip to Telluride in the fall to enjoy the quiet time and see it all over again. We missed it this year but it will be on our radar for the coming months.



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